Alaska Series- A1005
The advantage of the A-Series of the TORINO SHOWER ENCLOSURE is specially designed with a wide entrance with sliding shower screen & swinging door shower screen thus eliminating any obstruction by objects place around the enclosures. Bathroom is an quiet place to relax and indulge yourself. It is more than merely functional, a bathroom should be beautiful, a place to pamper yourself and to be indulge in. Torino Shower Enclosure is a full service shower door,shower enclosure, shower sliding door manufacturer based in Malaysia. We design and build an enclosure to fit your exact requirements using the highest quality materials.
4mm Bubble Clear Glass
4mm Bubble Frosted Glass
4mm Texture Clear Glass
4mm Texture Frosted Glass
4mm Tempered Clear Glass
4mm Icy Cystal Clear
4mm Waterdrop
4mm Texture
4mm Stardust
4mm Morning Mist
4mm Bubble
4mm Reeded
4mm Misty White
4mm Check Box
4mm Lining
4mm Bamboo
*Colour might differ from actual colour, please contact our sale sales personel for comfirmation
Metalic Silver
Dark Grey
Light Blue
Pearl Cream
Wild Sage